Chen et al (2212)

Three-dimensional mapping in multi-samples with large-scale imaging and multiplexed post staining
Authors: Siqi Chen, Guangcai Liu, Anan Li, Zhixiang Liu, Ben Long, Xiaoquan Yang*, Hui Gong, *, Xiangning Li*
* Correspondence:;;

Quantitative analysis data:
Whole brain somatostatin neuron mapping and comprehensive immunohistochemical analysis of its microenvironment in aging mice.
Whole-brain input pattern of the medial prefrontal cortex and its changes in Alzheimer's disease and autism model mice.

Raw data:
High-throughput and high-resolution whole brain images of various cell-types samples in mice with a voxel resolution 0.65 µm × 0.65 µm × 3 µm.

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